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Child Safety Measures 

  • Details of measures taken by school to prevent sexual offence with children (as per guidelines, norms and procedures prescribed in the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act-2012.

  • Steps taken by the school towards safety of children and staff in campus and during transportation.

  • Safety measure taken by school in case of any external threat/attack.

  • An awareness programme was organized regarding sexual or physical abuse and difference between good and bad touch. The programme aimed in educating and empowering children to prevent situations and teach them the right form of retaliation. The children were informed about good touch versus bad touch.  Help line 1098 is displayed in every classroom. A confidential monthly meeting is held with girl students.

  • The school campus is surrounded by a pucca compound wall.  There is a security guard at each entry gate. Any person who picks up a child is screened by the staff to make sure they are a parent of the child or a parents representative. Emergency numbers are posted through the building and fire extinguishers are available in appropriate locations.  CC cameras are installed in all classrooms and administrative rooms as well as school buses. All staff and students have been trained in emergency evacuation procedures.

  • Security guards regularly scan the school campus for any suspicious activity inside and outside the campus grounds. Students, teachers and staff have been trained in emergency evacuation procedures. Any suspicious activity will be reported to the proper authorities.

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